If you haven’t already heard an update in RSA world.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce our newest band member and new man manhandling the bass – Mr JAMES ROGERS. Those around the punk scene in Melbourne (and the rest of the world) may know James as the bass player for Kat’s other Celt folk punk band Catgut Mary who are themselves a favorite of US and European Celt Punk Radio, since their split with THE MAHONES a few years ago.

James is a rad dude who is fitting straight into the RSA and will be joining us for the show for Naf this Sunday arvo.

Andy Area-7 will still fill in as a last stint at The Corner Hotel, as Catgut will themselves be across town playing with Melbourne’s OTHER folk/punks the mighty Mutiny, Melbourne.

Join us in raising a glass to James, while we reload and get back to what we love… writing, touring and doing this harder than ever.





Oh and this guy got a tattoo.   # legend

RSA Tatto

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