RSA – 2015 Updates n stuff

Hello from us, can you believe it’s already 2015, and JUNE!  It’s been quite a busy time in camp RSA with writing new tunes, playing with new recruits and organising new tours and shows coming out the wazzoo. Firstly, but not so recently our beloved drummer Adge, who has been with us since the beginning and before (literally) decided to take a new turn in life a return to study. We wish him all the best, and not to fret he won’t be a stranger. We look forward to him getting up from time to time again for old times sake. You might even see him at the merch desk when we force him.









But we are super stoked to have another Rogers join us, but on the skins this time. Chad will be taking over the drumming reigns from Adge. He’s already a few shows in so make sure you come down to the next one to see him in action.

L-R: Chad, James.  Height to scale (ish)

Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 1.39.07 PM

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